Blazing Trails

Blazing Trails

Have you ever wished you could be in the same room with an inspirational leader you admire? To hear them tell their story of how they became the Trailblazer they are today? At Salesforce, we’re fortunate enough to hear these conversations all the time. And now, you can experience those conversations too. Every week, Blazing Trails brings you these stories from Trailblazers who are leading the charge on topics like the future of work, equality, sustainability, wellbeing, and technology.

SEASON 6  |  EPISODE 17  | 29:17 MIN  |  05.12.2021

Social Activism at Work with Dan Schulman

SEASON 6  |  EPISODE 16  | 31:35 MIN  |  05.05.2021

Values Create Value: A Conversation with Jon Fee and Frank Cooper

SEASON 6  |  EPISODE 15  | 32:49 MIN  |  04.28.2021

The Age of Remote Work: Arianna Huffington and Karen Mangia on Managing Burnout While Working From Home

SEASON 6  |  EPISODE 13  | 41:50 MIN  |  04.21.2021

Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage: A Conversation with Marriott’s Denise Naguib and Salesforce’s Patrick Flynn

SEASON 6  |  EPISODE 12  | 35:26 MIN  |  04.14.2021

Goal Setting for Success: A Conversation with Shark Tank Investor Daymond John

SEASON 6  |  EPISODE 11  | 25:11 MIN  |  04.07.2021

The Future of Hybrid Work: Ray Dalio and Karen Mangia on Reimagining How and Where We Will Work